Stable custom sized pontoons whether its to extend your boat or make accessing from the dock easier

  • Extend your swimplatform
  • Boarding your boat simple and safe
  • Cleaning or maintaining your boat
  • Take to the beach
  • Sizes to accommodate all your needs
  • Ballast bags for stability

Available in Custom Sizes

Extend you dock

With custom lengths available,, you can extend your dock, or create easier access at a fraction of the cost, and no permits or approvals needed.

Work On Your Boat

You can safely access your boat for general maintenance or cleaning, The ballast bags will give you the stability you need.

Ballast Bags For Stability

The ballast bags simply fill with water, and give you stability when moving around the pontoon.

Use As A Full Length Fender

If you want complete protection and do not want to struggle with fender placement, use a pontoon to create the space you want. It will also give you great access.

Available in Custom Sizes

Available in Custom Sizes


What SIzes are available?

The standard sizes are : 0.6M x 2M 0.6M x 4M 0.6M x 6M 1.2M x 2.4M 1.2Mx1.2M Custom Sizes Available

Is there a pressure relief valve?

Yes all models have this as standard

Can I tie them to the dock?

Yes. All the pontoons are delivered ready to be secured to your dock, or can be tied while temporally using for cleaning etc

Available in Custom Sizes

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