You Can Now Empty Your Bilge Anywhere, Knowing Its Clean Water Leaving your Boat

  • Simple Install
  • Can Work With Any Boat
  • Renders Fuel and Oil Non-Reactive
  • Works Until The Hydra Carbo Degrade
  • Can Be Composed Once Used
  • Will Never Damage The Environment
  • Cushions and Socks available for spills

Clean Bilge Water Into the ocean

Designed For A DIY Install

With a simple step by step guide and video, you can install this yourself. We can however organise this for you if you prefer.


BilgeAway renders hydrocarbons non-reactive, meaning that for the life of the hydrocarbon it cannot damage the environment. The filter media can even be composted once used, giving environmental peace of mind

No More Excuses You Can Now Do Your Part To Help Save The Rivers and Oceans

I think many of us have emptied our bilge water without considering the harm. With a simple install of the Bilgeaway you can now do that without concern of what contaminants you may be emptying into the ocean or river.

Now Available Cushion, Sock and Spill Kits. For Difficult to access areas or larger spills

Our hydrophobic cushion, sock and combined spill kit range are designed to remove hydrocarbons from a variety of environments including waterborne spillage and petroleum vapour control

We Won!

Bilgeaway won the prestigious BSiF award for our work in helping to save the waterways., rivers and oceans.

Clean Bilge Water Into the ocean

Clean Bilge Water Into the ocean

Which Filter?

How Much ?

Starting at $200, we can make sure the right system is delivered. Contact us now for a quote.

What Size Boats ?

Anything with a bilge pump. From a RIB to a Super Yacht. There is no size limit.

What options do I have

From a standard 10" Filter Kit, in white, chrome or Stainless up to the 20", or even dual. We will make sure the right system is sent to you.

Clean Bilge Water Into the ocean

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