About Fleximarine

We are recreational boaters, first and foremost. But we also have over 25 years of experience working in the marine industry, including manufacturing, retail sales and design.

We are here to provide solutions and support for your boating needs. Based in Perth and working closely with our support team in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to ensure we can exceed your expectations in customer service and support. Quality and Affordability are key, which is why we are working with companies like DockyDock, that design and produce the best boat protection systems, at their factory in Manchester, England. And Bilgeaway, who are dedicated to cleaning the waters we use one bilge at a time.

We know how important your time on the boat is, and want to provide products and services to make sure every minute is spent enjoying the trip and not stressing about any problems

About The Team

Paul Stenton has been around boats most of his life,.He began his professional career in the USA working for one of the largest recreational boat builders, before moving to Australia to run and then own his own dealership. With recent experience in Marine IT development, he understands the harsh conditions a product must endure on a boat , and what is needed to not only meet, but exceed those expectations.

Kelly Newbon is the founder and owner of Flexico Flooring & Storage. Known for being the premier choice in Australia for commercial and residential garage flooring. Kelly is bringing the passion that has driven Flexico, and the philosophy that our company it really is all about you, the customer. Having spent so much time enjoying her boat, she understands what really matters, time. Having your boat ready to go, and enjoy the water.

Paul Davies is the Dealer Principal for Maddington and Canning Vale Toyota. He has always had a passion for boating, and experienced from an owners perspective the issues that can happen. He runs his businesses based on customer service and support, something we follow here at Fleximarine.

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Fleximarine Products

DOCKYDOCK Pontoons are the solution for extending your swimplatform, maintaining your boat, or even at the beach.

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DOCKYDOCK Foam Boat Protection delivers barnacle free boating and makes docking a breeze. Custom made from 30 to 50 feet

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The World’s first environmentally friendly filter. BilgeAway cleans your dirty bilge water.Allowing the filter contents to then be composted.

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DOCKYDOCK Inflatable Boat Protection delivers barnacle free boating, with no hassle at an affordable price.

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