No Growth, Simple Docking at an Affordable Price

Made in the UK, with no pumps to fail, and no ongoing service costs

  • Manual gate, so it will not fail
  • Making Docking simple
  • No Growth No Antil Foul
  • Helping the Environment
  • Docking is easier
  • Lower Running Costs

Suitable from Jet Skis to 65 Foot Boats

No Growth and Easy Docking?

You will get the benefits of no more growth and dragging it around in between lifts. Also a stress free time docking, with the system guiding you in when you return. You are also helping the environment by reducing the toxins released into the oceans and rivers every year you replace the anti foul.

A Simple Solution with Guaranteed Results

While some have opted for a gate system using pumps and motors, we have not. A dry dock can fail, and when that happens you will get growth. We not only give you an option leaving the water in, We make sure the gate doesn’t drop if you decide to pump out.

Suitable from Jet Skis to 65 Foot Boats

Suitable from Jet Skis to 65 Foot Boats

DockyDock Inflatable

Suggested Length Min / Max

13 to 36 Feet

Power and Pump Required for Water


Gate Operational


Self Install

Yes {Factory Optional}

Swing Mooring

Yes. With No reliance on Solar Pumps that can easily fail




I can really leave water in the DockyDock ?

Yes. Once the gate is closed, there is no longer any water flow. You will not get any growth, and yes we tested it here in Australia. If you want to pump out, no problem,

Do I save money and the environment?

Yes You will not be lifting and painting your hull every year, not carrying growth and burning more fuel. We expect your costs to be covered within three years. By not replacing the ablative anti foul you are no longer adding toxins into the water, and helping the environment.

Can I flush my engines with fresh water ?

Yes. Its simple. Empty out the DockyDock and re fill with fresh water run your engines/ systems.

How do I look after my DockyDock?

You don’t need to do anything for 3 years. No service, no anodes to change. Your DockyDock takes the growth, which will build up. Its not going anywhere, so every 3 years you can bring it in, blast it off and start again.

Who are DockyDock and Flexico?

DockyDock is made in Manchester, England. They have exported all over the world, including to Australia. Fleximarine is based in Perth, Australia. The owners having been in the marine industry, owned boats and run successful businesses understand not only what is needed in a product, but what a customer expects in service and support.

Suitable from Jet Skis to 65 Foot Boats

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